Arts in the Valley, December 4th, 8 PM, 1480 KYOS in Merced

by arthouseflower
Click onto ARTSINVAL1204 to hear the December 4th show.

Social Activist Ishmael Reed is an important American poet, novelist, playwright, and song writer who has taught at Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and the University of California–Berkeley. He is author of Japanese by Spring,The Terrible Twos, and Writin’ Is Fightin’: Thirty-seven Years of Boxing on Paper. He lives in Oakland, California.


Playwright Wajahat Ali’s “Domestic Crusaders is more than just a work of entertainment. It is also Ali’s response to the treatment of Muslims received in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11… it is compelling drama, and there is intergenerational conflict, humor, prejudice, and a dark family secret. The characters, in other words, are not paragons of virtue, which is intentional.”
—Ellis Cose, Newsweek

“This play is brilliant. Moving. Shapely. Clever. Funny.”
—Toni Morrison

Musician Amber Kirby is the founder of Shadow Leaves, a new Pulp Fiction Magazine in Merced, CA.  They welcome contributions,  and copies of the magazine can be purchased at Off The Shelf Books in Merced, CA.  Amber also performs on bass with El Olio Wolof


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