Arts in the Valley, Saturday, September 24, 2011, 1480 KYOS AM, 8 PM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Tune into Arts in the Valley where host Kim McMillon interviews numerologist Sally Faubion on her new CosmicMates App, which is available on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. If you are looking for love, check out love in the electronic age through this exciting numerology App. Kim’ second guest is family therapist Randy Rolfe. Randy’s latest book, Princess Buttercup The Cat’s Cross-Country Road Trip #3, which tell the story of her travels with her two humans. Randy will also discuss healthy, and healing methods to dealing with family.

To listen to the interview with numerologist Sally Faubion, click onto the link: numeroligy
Sally Faubion has been providing insight and guidance through numerology readings for 35 years. Her personal and group readings combine her unique intuition and expert knowledge of numerology with other metaphysical sciences. She has read thousands of people and never tires of helping individuals with her special gifts and knowledge.

Sally is the author of the well-received book, Motivational Numerology, and How Numbers Affect your Life, and has penned articles and columns for national magazines. She has created her own line of greeting cards, one of which is currently available on a wholesale basis. Other creations include calendars and software applications.

Sally is currently paving the way for additional products and books to be introduced in the near future.

To listen to family therapist Randy Rolfe, click onto the link: rolfe
Randy Rolfe, JD, MA, is president of the Institute for Creative Solutions. Since 1985 she has helped tens of thousands of families lead richer and happier lives. Her books include: The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents; You Can Postpone Anything But Love; Adult Children Raising Children; The Four Temperaments; The Affirmations Book for Sharing (coauthored w/ husband Jay Rolfe); and 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life (coauthored w/ Mark Victor Hansen and others). Randy traveled in 29 countries before she was 21, which gave her a unique world-view that crosses all boundaries. Building or her rich experience as wife and mother, she also has been on the cutting edge in many fields, being one of the very first women to attend law school, one of the first women to practice law for a major Philadelphia law firm, a leader in the natural health movement, and a founder of the natural parenting movement. She has given seminars as far away as Moscow Russia and throughout the USA. A popular TV therapist on Geraldo, Sally, Montel, Maury and many more, Randy is dedicated to creating a better world through building happier healthier families. Find out more at

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