Arts in the Valley, Saturday, November 5, 2011, 8 PM-PST, 1480 KYOS AM

by arthouseflower

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Arts in the Valley host Kim McMillon invites the public to 1480 KYOS Radio’s first-ever Jam Session with musicians Roddy Jackson and Cheryl Lockett on Saturday, November 5th at 8 PM-PST, and Sunday, November 6th at 9 AM.

To listen to musicians Roddy Jackson and Cheryl Lockett, click onto the link:local jazz
With his gravel-filled vocals and piano-pounding antics, Roddy Jackson’s legacy is a solid one, and he is one of the last true rockabilly pioneers still out on the circuit. Born as George Roderick Jackson in California around 1940, Jackson fronted the multi-racial Blue Notes out of Merced, CA, beginning in 1956.

Specialty released three Jackson singles in 1958 and 1959, all produced by Sonny Bono, “I’ve Got My Sights on Someone New”/”Love at First Sight,” the double-sided classic “Hiccups”/”Moose on the Loose,” and “Any Old Town”/”Gloria.”

Cheryl Lockett, a song stylist, whose riveting voice and warm style promises any listener an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive composition of music that flows like silk. Cheryl is a California native gifted with many talents. She cultivates, curate and presents an eclectic vision of sound that appeals to a diverse listening audience.

For more information on Arts in the Valley, contact Kim McMillon at or visit the website,

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