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March 25, 2013

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, March 23 (8 pm), and Sunday, March 24 (2 pm), 2013, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

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Kim McMillon, host of Arts in the Valley, interviews artist and creator of School of the Free Mind, Maya Gonzalez, and former Merced resident and filmmaker Don Starnes.

be you. be full. be beautifull.
To listen to Maya Gonzalez’s interview, click onto the link: __ 82
8 week online course, March 22nd-May 16th, 2013
with Maya Gonzalez
(Part 1 of Living the Creative Life series for Women)
| Course Description | Who is this class for? |
| What you will walk away with | Registration Information |
| What you will need for this course | Course Sign-up |
| About the Instructor |
*Registration open through Monday, March 25th*
Course Description
Body Beauty Full is the first course in a 3 part series
designed to
uncover what it means to live the creative life.
Bringing together learning in the privacy of your own home with the importance of being in community with women on a similar path, Body Beauty Full is about loving the body you are blessed with while learning practical tools on how to unleash your body’s wisdom and strength – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

For more information, and to sign-up, click onto this link:

Encore presentation of Don Starnes’ February interview
Click onto the link to listen to filmmaker Don Starnes,
Don Starnes grew up in the San Joaquin Valley of California, where he learned lighting from cirrus clouds on summer days and winter tule fog. He received a degree in film production from San Francisco State University, made many short films and worked in most areas of film production before becoming a Director of Photography in 1985.

Don has photographed commercials, several features and music videos and lots of corporate, documentary and television shows for many big name companies.

One documentary that he photographed won an International Documentary Association award. Another was nominated for an Emmy. Short films have won prestigious festival awards. Several of the corporate pieces have won CINE Golden Eagle, Telly and ITVA Golden Vision awards. Commercials have won regional ad awards. Features have screened in festivals and been distributed theatrically and on cable.

For more information on Don Starnes and his work, please visit

March 17, 2013

Arts in the Valley, Sat (3-16) 8 pm, and Sunday (3-17) 2 pm, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Belly dancing with hula hoops

Belly dancing with hula hoops

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Join Arts in the Valley host Kim McMillon as she interviews Dave Lockridge, the founder and Executive Director of ACE Overcomers, and Michelle and Lacy as they discuss Belly-Fusion Merced’s 2nd Annual The Eyes Have It! Belly Dance Festival, April 13-14, 2013.

The ACE Overcomers program is designed to help adults overcome the effects of adverse childhood experiences by openly dealing with abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction.

Classes are on Mondays, 7pm at Gateway Community Church, Merced.
All classes are free. Come anytime and rotate through 26 weeks of life-changing lessons that overcome stress, depression, anger, and a whole lot more.

To prevent child abuse and help those affected by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

To listen to Dave Lockridge’s interview, click onto the link:
dave lockridge

Dave Lockridge is Founder and Executive Director of ACE Overcomers, a program to help teens and adults overcome the effects of adverse childhood experiences such as, abuse, neglect, and growing up in a dysfunctional household. Dave has over 20 years experience as a pastor, and has written 2 books, Overcoming a Difficult Childhood, and Building Healthy Life Skills. Dave is collaborating with Professor Linda Cameron to study the effectiveness of the ACE Overcomers curriculum and the Building Healthy Life Skills program in a local high school. He trains educators, pastors, nurses, and social workers to become trauma-informed in their delivery of service.

The EYE’s Have It 2013
Belly Dance Festival
Saturday, April 13 2013 10a.m-10p.m
Sunday, April 14, 2013 10a.m-6p.m
To listen to Michelle and Lacy discuss the upcoming Belly Dance Festival in Merced, click onto the link: belly dancer-2
American Legion #83 Merced Ca, 939 W Main street, Merced, CA
Work Shops by:
Jodi Waseca, Paige Lawrence, Dana Johnson, Sierra Wigington, Andalee, just to name a few.
REGISTER with each instructor through EventBrite.
Evening show and Happy Hour is from 6-9.
Prices are Pre-Sale – Adults $8, Children Seniors, and Students $5.
At the Door Adults $10.- Kid, Seniors, Students $8.
Saturday 10a.m-10p.m R rated from 6-9 during happy hour.
Sunday 10a.m-6p.m 3-5 is the show finale.
Non Stop Belly Dancing, Music, Work shops, Food, Drink, and Shopping, OH the SHOPPING!!
More info and tickets at!

March 10, 2013

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, 3/9/13 (8 pm) and Sunday, 3/10/13 (2 pm), 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Arts in the Valley host Kim McMillon inteviews Prema Dasara, the founder of Tara Dhatu, and Marriage and Family Therapist Bill Roller on his latest project “GROUP DYNAMICS AND THE NEW HEROISM.

Introducing Prema Dasara
Prema Dasara is the founder of Tara Dhatu. Using the vehicles of sacred song and dance, Prema has traveled throughout the world in dedicated service to humanity. Her purpose has been to inspire and uplift, inviting everyone to experience the power of their own human potential through sacred music and dance.

To listen to Prema’s interview, click on the link:
Prema’s teaching at Yoga of Sausalito:
Intro and Book signing Friday night March 29 from 7-9 $21
March 29 – Tara Mandala 21 Praises 1-7 $100 before 3/23 120 after
YOS 3/31 White Tara of 6 Shields $70 before 3/23 80 after
160 both days before 3/23 180 after
Harbin 4/2 6:30-7:30 free for residents & Guests before Unconditional Dance. To learn more, contact Jacquelyn at

Prema Dasara
Participants in her workshops benefit from her many years of study and practice on the spiritual path. Her joy, exuberance, and friendliness draw everyone who work with her into heartful participation.

“I must have danced out of my mother’s womb,” says Prema, who began formal ballet training at the age of three. She soon abandoned the formalities to dance on her own, like her idol Isadora Duncan, as a personal expression in nature. She dipped in and out of western expressions of dance but did not return to formal classes until she went to India in 1976 and became a student of Ramani Ranjan Jena, a master of the Odissi style of Classical Indian Temple Dance.

During the six years she spent in India she worked as an editor for the Theosophical Society, immersing herself in the study of comparative religion. To compliment her dance training she studied Classical Indian Music, She studied Sanskrit to deepen her understanding of the Hindu Culture.

In 1983 she settled in Hawaii where she became a student of the Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, Lama Sonam Tenzin. He encouraged her to continue her sacred dance work which culminated in the creation of the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara, a group ritual based on the profound mind training practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

She has traveled the world since 1986 teaching this dance and the accompanying meditations. She has been invited to present the ritual to many of the most accomplished Tibetan Lamas including His Holiness the Dalai Lama who proclaimed the dance, “wonderful”.

To listen to Bill Roller’s interview, click onto the link:bill roller
Bill Roller, producer of spontaneous, unscripted videos, will collaborate with Philip Zimbardo, the creator of the landmark Stanford Prison Experiment, on “GROUP DYNAMICS AND THE NEW HEROISM” as co-leader of a group of young people, providing them guidance and non-authoritarian leadership. Together, they will test the hypothesis that ordinary people, who enlist the voluntary help of others, can act in extraordinary ways to accomplish heroic tasks.

Learn more about how to support “GROUP DYNAMICS AND THE NEW HEROISM”
by clicking the link below.


March 7, 2013

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, March 2 (8 PM), and Sunday, March 3 (2 PM), 2013, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Arts in the Valley host Kim McMillon interviews Judy Juanita, the author of Virgin Soul, about her life as a former member of the Black Panther Party, and Estella Dunn, the President of the Merced Branch of the National Council of Negro Women about their membership drive.

To listen to Judy Juanita, click onto the link:judy juanita

Judy Juanita is an unusual and provocative writer who crosses the boundaries of genre, utilizing narrative, dialogue and journalism in poetry and fiction to probe social issues. A novelist, poet and playwright, her debut novel, Virgin Soul, about a young black woman coming of age in the 60s who joins the Black Panther Party, comes out from Viking on April 22. It has been excerpted in Crab Orchard Review, November 3rd Club, Imagination and Place: an anthology, and Rooms.

Novelist Jean Thompson said of Virgin Soul: “Hard to believe it’s been almost fifty years since the formation of the Black Panthers. The novel captures that time’s particular combination of violence and possibility, and the urgency of young people who invested everything in the possibility of change, even as grand rhetoric was undercut by very human failings. Geniece is smart, wounded, hopeful, and tough. It’s a pleasure to grow with her through these pages.”

Crab Orchard Review’s Allison Joseph said that Juanita’s fiction “should be required reading for anyone studying the vicissitudes of recent American history.”

Her poetry has appeared in Obsidian II, 13th Moon, Painted Bride Quarterly, Croton Review, The Passaic Review, Lips, New Verse News, Poetry Monthly and Drumrevue 2000. Ultimately, as critic Jendi Reiter said, her “hybrid poetic form liberates Juanita to include sentences that would feel too wordy and technical in a traditional lyric poem.” Referring to Juanita’s use of controversial language, Reiter said, “Some interesting postmodern themes arise…about language that points to its own inadequacy, yet cannot be silent. It’s also about the disjunction between signifier and signified. Repeat a word often enough and it starts to sound strange, almost nonsensical.”

In drama, Juanita’s themes are social issues overlaid with absurdity, humor and pathos (in one play, a distraught nurse whose teenage son has overdosed falls head over heels in love with a duck). Her seventeenth play, “Theodicy,” about two black men who accidentally fall into the river of death, won first runner-up of 186 plays in the Eileen Heckart 2008 Senior Drama Competition at the Ohio State University.

“Counter-Terrorism” was produced at The Marsh, SF, 2008, and at the Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2004. This play about a homeless truth teller and her bourgeois counterpart began as a one-woman play, self-produced and self-directed, before becoming a two character full-length drama.

She co-wrote “Knocked Up,” a commedia dell’Arte about the morning-after pill. The play, which toured periodically from 1993-2006 with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, challenged the status quo when the men in a village, having denied a woman birth control, become pregnant and bloated.

Another play, “Heaven’s Hold,” was produced at Brava! Theatre, SF and the National Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Since 2005, five of her plays have been produced at Julia Morgan Theatre in Berkeley, under the auspices of Woman’s Will, the Bay Area’s all-female Shakespearean company.

Judy Juanita’s poetry has appeared in Obsidian II, 13th Moon, Croton Review, The Passaic Review, Lips, New Verse News, Poetry Monthly, Drumrevue 2000 and Painted Bride Quarterly.

She was awarded New Jersey Arts Council Fellowships for her poetry and an MFA in creative writing from San Francisco State University. She taught writing at Laney College in Oakland, California, from 1993-2012.
For more information about novelist Judy Juanita, please visit,

To listen to Estella Dunn, click onto the link:
Estella Dunn is currently employed by the County of Merced with the Department of Mental Health for 15 years. Estella is the President of the National Council of Negro Women; Secretary for Love, Faith & Hope, Inc.; and Board member for Circles Merced. She believes her greatest achievement was the launching of the first African American Youth Conference by the NCNW.

The National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) is a non-profit organization with the mission to advance the opportunities and the quality of life for African American women, their families and communities. NCNW fulfills this mission through research, advocacy, national and community based services and programs in the United States and Africa. With its 28 national affiliate organizations and its more than 200 community based sections, NCNW has an outreach to nearly four million women, all contributing to the peaceful solutions to the problems of human welfare and rights. The national headquarters, which acts as a central source for program planning, is based in Washington, D.C., on Pennsylvania Avenue, located between the White House and the U.S. Capitol. NCNW also has two field offices.
The NCNW was founded in 1935 by Mary McLeod Bethune, child of slave parents, distinguished educator, and government consultant. Mary McLeod Bethune saw the need for harnessing the power and extending the leadership of African American women through a national organization.