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March 17, 2012

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, March 10, 8 pm, Sunday, March 11, 2 pm, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Arts in the Valley presents an impromptu jazz session with Roddy Jackson, Cheryl Lockett, and Gloria Coronas.

Click onto the link to listen to Roddy Jackson, Cheryl Lockett, and Gloria Coronas jammin’ arts jam

With his gravel-filled vocals and piano-pounding antics, Roddy Jackson was sort of a West Coast version of Jerry Lee Lewis in the late ’50s.  His legacy is a solid one, and he is one of the last true rockabilly pioneers still out on the circuit. Born as George Roderick Jackson in California around 1940, Jackson fronted the multi-racial Blue Notes out of Merced, CA, beginning in 1956, but once signed to Art Rupe’s Specialty Records imprint, Jackson became essentially a solo act. Specialty released three Jackson singles in 1958 and 1959, all produced by Sonny Bono, “I’ve Got My Sights on Someone New”/”Love at First Sight,” the double-sided classic “Hiccups”/”Moose on the Loose,” and “Any Old Town”/”Gloria.” Jackson was the real deal, an exciting performer who shouted out his material with explosive force, pummeling the piano like it was a personal threat to his well-being, and occasionally showing off his considerable saxophone skills as well.

Cheryl Lockett, a song stylist, whose riveting voice and warm style promises any listener an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive composition of music that flows like silk. Cheryl, a California native and gifted with many talents, cultivates, curate and presents an eclectic vision of sound that appeals to a diverse listening audience. A fusion of Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Pop, Funk and Afro-Cuban music reflect her vocal style. Flexible in multiple genres, this hot talent has filled every seat in all auditoriums she has graced. It is without wonder that Lockettʼs talent lead her to sharing the stage with Bay Area master musicians like Latin drummer/percussionists Raul Pineda, Jesus Diaz and Danilo Paiz, guitarist Rolando Morales, bassist Mark Van Waganengen and Rigoberto Lopez, pianist Gustavo Ramirez and the late Dave Wallace. In the Northern California region, Lockett has performed on numerous occasions with the DBaba Project.

Gloria (Lopez) Coronas comes from a line of musicians and entertainers.  Some professionals and some not, but they all love music.  We had hula dancers, ukulele players, guitar, saxophone, bass, mandolin, singers, and drummers. She started singing professionally at the age of 15 and her mother would accompany her wherever she had a gig.

She met and worked with jazz musicians and did shows in the Waikiki nightclubs and toured the islands.  Wherever her husband got stationed she managed to meet musicians and did shows in Japan, Philippines, Texas, Georgia, back to Hawaii, and then ended up in Merced in ’74.  Gloria started out as a Duo, her husband on guitar while she played the keyboard and sang.  At that time they were known as ‘THE ISLANDERS.  They changed their name to ‘THE CROWNS’ because some people thought they only played Hawaiian music.  At present, Gloria is doing a solo gig every Friday night at Fernando’s Bistro.

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