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September 2, 2012

Premiere of The Gathering Space with Renata Santorelli, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 1480 KYOS AM

by arthouseflower

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Psychic Medium Renata Santorelli premieres her new show The Gathering Space on 1480 KYOS on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 9 pm. The Gathering Space will be broadcast every other Saturday.  The goal of this show is to bring hope and healing to those that have survived trauma bought on by the death of a love one through suicide, or where there are unresolved issues related to the death of a love one.  There will be a contest in which two winners will receive a free on-air reading.  You would need to just send your name, and phone number, and be willing to do an air reading.  More information about the contest will be forthcoming.

To listen to Psychic Medium Renata Santorelli, click onto the link:the gathering space 9-1-12

Renata is a psychic medium, a motivational speaker, a spiritual counselor and a radio show host. Her desire is to continue to inspire others with messages of hope and inspiration through her private consultation sessions, her personal writings… and workshops and lectures, all of which tell of her varied and often difficult life experiences. 

Unfortunately like so many others, Renata has experienced various levels of abuse while growing up. She was taken away from her family when she was twelve due to the abuse; she was made a ward of the state of California and lived in a state run girls’ home in Los Angeles, from the ages of twelve to eighteen. her spiritual journey has steadfastly led her to a place of healing and peace as a result of sharing her life’s story with thousands of others. Many other people have also endured what seemed to be impossible life experiences and circumstances.

Renata has been communicating with those in the afterlife since the age of three…

The spiritual world was not something her family understood… This was a confusing time for her, because while what she was hearing and seeing was very real, she learned that her ability was not something she could share with most of her family without severe repercussions at times. She began internalizing what she saw, heard or felt – for fear of ridicule. She was exposed to various religious beliefs, both from her family and from the religious girl’s home where she lived during her teen years. With these beliefs imposed upon her, she was again left with the impression that what she saw, heard and felt from her contact with those on the other side was not a gift, but ‘a curse’. It was not until her third near death experience in 1997 that she began to realize that maybe what she thought was her biggest curse in life might be a gift. But she was still keeping her abilities a secret at that time. In 1998, once again her life would forever be changed. It was during her physical healing process from an automobile accident that her beloved brother took his own life. After his passing, she fell into a deep depression. Then, one-night months after his passing, she had a visit from him. During this visit, he told her that it was now time for her to begin using her abilities and gifts to help others. His visit transformed her life forever.

Thus began her search for the true meaning of the Higher Power that was called ‘God’.

Renata Santorelli worked with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential.  The Institute is concerned with asking, “What can we do with the potential that exists within our bodies, minds, and spirits?” Can we heal each other? Ourselves? Can we affect events and physical reality with our thoughts? Can we know things before they happen? Are we connected to each other? To the planet? Can we communicate with our loved ones who have passed?

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