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August 28, 2013

Arts in the Valley, Saturday and Sunday, August 24 and 25, 2013, 1480 KYOS AM

by arthouseflower

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To listen to Genny Lim’s interview, click onto the link:

Genny Lim’s live and recorded poetry/music collaborations have included jazz greats, Max Roach, Herbie Lewis, Francis Wong and Jon Jang. She’s performed at jazz festivals from San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego to Houston and Chicago and has been a featured poet at World Poetry Festivals in Venezuela, 2005, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, 2007 and Naples, Italy, 2009. Her play “Paper Angels,” was performed at Settlement House in New York City in 2009 and her performance piece, “Where is Tibet?” premiered at CounterPULSE, S.F., Dec. 2009. She is adjunct faculty in the BAC program at CIIS and author of two poetry collections, “Child of War,” “Winter Place” co-author of Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island and two plays anthologized in Unbroken Thread (U of Mass) and Politics of Life (Temple). Genny has just completed her new collection of poems, Paper Gods.
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April 11, 2013

Arts in the Valley, April 13 (Sat. 8 pm) & April 14 (Sun. 2 pm) 2013, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Arts in the Valley host Kim McMillon interviews literary icon Kim McMillon on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 & 14, 2013. Kim McMillon also interviews Melissa Kelly-Ortega about her Arts in the Valley monthly program, Eyes on the Community. Melissa lets the public know what’s happening in Merced and surrounding communities. Hip Hop Movement of UC Merced will also be interviewed about their upcoming programs.

To listen to the interview with Nikki Giovanni, click onto the link:

Melissa Kelly-Ortega is the Communication Specialist for Building Healthy Communities.

To listen to Melissa’s interview, click onto the link:
Building Healthy Communities is a 10-year, $1 billion plan of The California Endowment. In connection with staff-led, statewide policy initiatives, 14 communities, including Southwest Merced/East Merced County, are taking action to make where they live healthier. They’re doing this by improving employment opportunities, education, housing, neighborhood safety, unhealthy environmental conditions, access to healthy food and more.

The goal: to create places where children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. Ultimately, we’re aiming at nothing less than a transformation in the way all of us think about and support health for all Californians.

For more information, please visit

Araceli, Reanna, and Alan from Hip Hop Movement of UC Merced will speak about their upcoming programs.

To listen to Hip Hop Movement’s interview, click onto this link:

Hip Hop Movement’s mission is to preserve traditional hip hop culture and promote awareness of the art within the campus and community of Merced.

They are a student-led organization of expressionist representing the four elements of hip hop:

Graffiti, DJ, MC, and Dance.

To learn more about HHM, visit

You can also visit their Facebook page at:

February 11, 2013

Arts in the Valley, February 9 & 10, 2013, 1480 KYOS, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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On Saturday, February 9, Arts in the Valley Host Kim McMillon will interview Poet Laureate of California Juan Felipe Herrera and award-winning musician and poet Avotcja. The show will air on 1480 KYOS AM at 8 pm on Saturday, and 2 pm on Sunday. You can also listen to the show on Arts in the Valley on Facebook.

To Listen to Juan Felip Herrera’s interview, click onto the link:juan-1

Juan Felipe Herrera is the author of twenty-eight books and currently serves as the Tomás Rivera Endowed Chair in the Department of Creative Writing at the University of California, Riverside. He was a professor and chair of Chicano and Latin American Studies at California State University, Fresno, from 1990 to 2004 and a teaching assistant fellow at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa from 1988 to 1990.

‘Herrera’s work has received wide critical acclaim including numerous national and international awards. In a 2008 review of his work, Stephen Burt of the New York Times wrote, “All life, all art, involves boundaries, if only those of birth and death. Some poets keep us conscious of those boundaries; others, like Herrera, discover their powers by defying them. Many poets since the 1960s have dreamed of a new hybrid art, part oral, part written, part English, part something else: an art grounded in ethnic identity, fueled by collective pride, yet irreducibly individual too. Many poets have tried to create such an art: Herrera is one of the first to succeed.”’

To listen to Avotcja, click onto the link:avotcha-1
Avotcja has been published in English & Spanish in the USA, Mexico & Europe, and in more Anthologies than she remembers. She is an award winning Poet & multi-instrumentalist who has opened for Betty Carter in New York City, Peru’s Susana Baca at San Francisco’s Encuentro Popular & Cuba’s Gema y Pável, played with Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bobi & Luis Cespedes, John Handy, Sonido Afro Latina, Dimensions Dance Theater, Black Poets With Attitudes, Bombarengue, Nikki Giovanni, Los Angeles’ Build An Ark, Dwight Trible, Diamano Coura West African Dance Co., Terry Garthwaite, Big Black, The Bay Area Blues Society & Caribeana Etc.

Shared stages with Sonia Sanchez, Piri Thomas, Janice Mirikitani, Diane DiPrima, Michael Franti, Jayne Cortez, & with Jose Montoya’s Royal Chicano Air Force & is a Bay Area icon with her group Avotcja & Modúpue. She Avotcja was the opening act for the legendary Poet Pat Parker the last three years of her life. both composed & performed the film score for the Danish documentary MuNu. Her Poetry &/or music has been recorded by Piri Thomas, Famadou Don Moye (of The Art Ensemble Of Chicago), Bobby Matos Latin Jazz Ensemble, & performed by The Purple Moon Dance Project, and was the 1st Poetry performed by New York’s Dance Mobile. She’s appeared at The Lorraine Hansberry Theater in S. F., The Asian-American Jazz Festival in Chicago, as well as The Asian-American Jazz Festival in San Francisco.

August 5, 2012

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, August 4 (8 PM), and Sunday, August 5 (2 PM), 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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On Saturday, August 4th, and Sunday, August 5th, Arts in the Valley hosts Kim McMillon inteviews Marina Drummer, the director of Community Futures Collective on the Angola 3; Heike Hambley, the founder of Merced Shakepearefest, on the upcoming production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream; and Dennis Phones and Dave Brown, members of Boots and Slippers Square Dancing Club of Merced.


To listen to Marina Drummer’s interview, click onto the link:angola 3-1

Marina Drummer has worked at the LEF Foundation since its inception in 1985.  She runs her own non-profit, Community Futures Collective, that serves as a fiscal sponsor for grassroots organizations as well as providing infrastructure development. In addition, Marina serves as Administrator of the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival.  On Arts in the Valley, Marina will discuss her involvement with the Angola 3.

Through the Community Futures Collective, The National Coalition to Free the Angola 3 has been working together since 1998 specifically to raise consciousness about the case of the Angola 3, prisoners who have been held in solitary confinement in Angola prison for 34 years, as well as general information about prison issues in Louisiana and nationally.

The Coalition raises funds for the legal defense of the Angola 3’s post-conviction and civil cases and to support the important communications efforts of Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace from their cells in Angola.Robert King Wilkerson, the freed member of the Angola 3 travels the world speaking about his comrades in Angola.  For more information about the Community Futures Collective, and the Angola 3, please visit,


Click onto the link to listen to Heike Hambley discuss the upcoming production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream:shakspear-1

Merced Shakespearefest founder and artistic director Heike Hambly discusses her latest production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Arts in the Valley Host Kim McMillon

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play by William Shakespeare. Believed to have been written between 1590 and 1596, it portrays the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Athens, Theseus, and the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta.  These include the adventures of four young Athenian lovers and a group of six amateur actors, who are controlled and manipulated by the fairies who inhabit the forest in which most of the play is set.

Merced Shakespearefest celebrates its 11th season with ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ on Aug. 11, 12, 18 and 19 at Applegate Park, 26th and N streets in Merced.

Shows on Saturdays are at 10 a.m. and

6 p.m.; Sunday’s show is at 6 p.m.

All performances are free.

Information: (209) 723-3265 or visit,


Click onto the link to listen to Dave Brown and Dennis Phones discuss square dancing:square dancing

Merced’s Boots and Slippers Square Dance Classes start every September and are free to the public the first three square dance classes.  Classes start Monday, September 10th at 7 pm at the Stratford and Evans Community Hall, 1490 B. Street in Merced.

For info Call

Dennis Fones 209-383-5352

or, Dave Brown 209-777-1274

July 6, 2012

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, July 7 (8 p.m.) and Sunday, July 8 (2 p.m.), 2012, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Tune into Arts in the Valley as host Kim McMillon interviews Henry Tenenbaum, one of the Bay Area’s most popular and recognized TV personalities, serving as host and creator of KRON4’s popular Bay Area Bargains and Henry’s Garden; Australian journalist and author Stephanie Dale, the author of My Pilgrim’s Heart; and Amanda with Teen’s Scene.  Amanda will interview Phil King, a 23 year –old musician, singer and songwriter.

To listen to Henry Tenenbaum, click onto this link:tannenbaum

Henry Tenenbaum has decades of television experience as an award-winning Network and local station correspondent, interviewer, producer and news anchor. His is also a sought-after voiceover artist, known for the flexibility and resonance of his voice.

His radio and TV skills range from performing and producing to editing, sound recording and photography.

During the course of his career, Henry has interviewed  thousands of well-known (and obscure) figures ranging from the Dalai Lama to Bruce Springsteen.  In his feature reporting, he has gone wing walking, skydiving, scuba diving, and fire-fighting.  He has performed as an extra with the Bolshoi Opera, flown with the Blue Angels aerobatics team, and explored underground caves with spelunkers.

Henry has reported from many unique and exotic locations, including a pearl farm in Tahiti, the gaming tables of Monte Carlo, the temples of Angkor Watt and the deck of an aircraft carrier in the mid-Atlantic Ocean.

As host of  The Discovery Channel’s signature program “Beyond 2000,” his work has been seen across North America and around the world.

Henry started his career as a classical music announcer (and later program director) at WBFO, a pioneering public radio station in Buffalo, New York.  His television career began as a reporter and cameraman for WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York. He later moved to Washington, D.C., where he traveled around the country and the world as a news reporter and then as host of number-one rated “PM/Evening Magazine.”  He went on the NBC network’s “Today Show,”  where he worked as a Nation Feature Correspondent.  His national exposure continued when he served as a syndicated entertainment critic for the Washington D.C.-based Post-Newsweek stations.

Henry’s other hard-news experience includes almost two decades as host and interviewer for the top-rated KRON4 News Weekend. He also worked as a news anchor and correspondent for NBC’s station in Washington, D.C., WRC-TV.  Working as a medical reporter, his series on the AIDS epidemic earned him the prestigious Ohio State University National Journalism Award.

Over the course of his career, Henry has won over a dozen Emmy Awards, an Excellence in Journalism Award for Feature Writing from the Society of Professional Journalists, and an Associated Press documentary award.

To listen to Stephanie Dale, click onto the link:staphanie dale

In 2007, Award-winning Australian journalist and author Stephanie Dale walked across Italy, through the Balkans and into the Middle East with her adult son, Ben. Ben was on a pilgrimage, a 7000 km epic journey from Canterbury to Jerusalem. Stephanie flew to Rome to join him for the middle leg of his journey, with the intention of walking with him to Istanbul. My Pilgrim’s Heart is the story of that journey. Stephanie Dale has been awarded the Australian Journalist Association Prodi Award for best feature in 1990, the Sir Harry Budd Memorial Award in 1992, and a gold medal IPPY award for Hymn for the Wounded Man for best fiction in 2011. Stephanie will incorporate her “Song of the Soul” writing motivation workshop into her presentation. All participants will need is a paper and pen. To learn more about Stephanie’s journey, visit:

To listen to Amanda’s Teen Scene, click onto the link:amanda-3

Amanda with Teen Scene will interview musician Phil King.  Phil is a 23 year –old musician, singer/songwriter, who began his musical journey early on, when he penned his first tune at the age of nine. Since then he has honed his ever-sharpening songwriting skills and has written and co-written many songs with the likes of Jennie Lee Riddle (Revelation Song), Klaus Kuehn, and Tony Wood (Francesca Battistelli, Phillips, Craig and Dean, and Mandisa) to name a few.

At age sixteen, Phil began leading Praise & Worship where he attended church in central California and by the age of seventeen he had picked up the guitar and piano. Phil King’s passion for Praise & Worship and his love for the Lord and people are clearly evident in his music. His unashamed proclamation of the hope found in Christ, is a refreshing conversion in the industry today.

Some of Phil’s musical influences are greats such as: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jonny Lang, Stevie Wonder, and Eric Clapton. These various influences are definitely reflected in his guitar licks and his songs, which are contagiously catchy and infused with irresistible hook-driven melodies, sincere lyrical honesty, soulful riffs and bluesy overtones. In fact, Israel Houghton and many others compare him to the likes of Jonny Lang.

Deeply soulful, is the best way to describe Phil’s vocal styling. Whether crooning heartfelt ballads or belting powerful, up-tempo anthems, it’s his genuine heart for worship and music ministry that shines through and grabs your attention on a profoundly moving level.



January 14, 2012

Arts in the Valley, Saturday (8 PM) & Sunday (9 AM), Jan 14 & 15, 20112

by arthouseflower

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On Saturday and Sunday, January 14th & 15th, Arts in the Valley presents a special show with Songhealer Sophia.  This hour show will include samplings of Sophia’s extraordinary music, and a discussion of her life work.

To listen to Sophia’s interview, click onto the link:song healer-2

Sophia’s music is life-affirming.  This is her message, and story in her own words.

I believe my voice and my music are gifts from God/dess. For those of you who may be open to the concept of reincarnation, I’ll share this story. Several years ago, during the course of a spiritual intensive, I had a strong and vivid memory of my most recent past life. I was a 5 year old girl who died in a concentration camp. This recollection was devastating in all its painful, horrifying detail. I continued to work through this experience and I found myself up in what seemed to be the throne room of the Divine Mother, with all the children who had died such horrible deaths. It was a celebration. We had come through! We learned that we had chosen this sacrifice, to develop compassion and, in many cases, the determination that this would never happen again. Jesus was there and the angels were singing. I was told that this was the music which must come back to Earth, and then – bang- I was born, in 1946. From the beginning I was stubborn and independent and filled with a sense of mission – to keep that kind of cruelty and devastation from happening again if I possibly could – to Save the World!

Raised by Jewish-Agnostic parents in Philadelphia, I finally contacted my own spiritual nature during the psychedelic revolution of the 60s. I lived and worked in a large commune in the Haight-Ashbury, The One World Family, which operated two vegetarian restaurants, put out a newspaper, raised children, baked many loaves of bread a day, and traveled to put on shows in our painted up school bus. It was there that I first began writing my own songs, about our shared vision that a New World was upon us and it would grow out of our recognition that we were all One. The image I have of that time is that of a giant seed pod that, exposed to intense light and heat, exploded, sending tiny seeds out all over the world. Those seeds began to sprout, and have now produced flowers and ripening fruit of consciousness and caring for the Earth and all life upon Her.

My musical interests have been eclectic, ranging from East Indian to Native American. I like to combine chants from different cultures, to bridge between worlds. My instrument is my voice, but I have picked up several instruments – guitar, zither (or angel harp), dulcimer, tamboura, thunder drum, rainstick. Rather than an entertainer, I consider myself a facilitator through music and song to create unity, inspiration and song circles for mutual healing and upliftment. I am available for gatherings of loving souls. Find me at

October 14, 2011

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, October 8, 2011, 8 PM, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Tune into Arts in the Valley’s October 8th show as host Kim McMillon interviews healer Julia Carmen. Julia Carmen was born with a gift of a Curadora de Alma (Healer of the Soul). Kim will also interview UC Merced’s Hip Hop Movement (HHM), a group designed to promote awareness of hip hop in society by preserving the positive, artistic roots and tradition of the culture. They do this by performing what they call the four branches of hip-hop — dance, graffiti, DJ, and spoken word. Finally, Kim will interview Kevin Hammon, and Kimberly Zamora, the founders of the Merced Art Hop, which will take place this Saturday, October 15th from 5 pm until 9 pm in downtown Merced.

To listen to Julia Carmen, click onto the link: spiritual psyphic
Healer Julia Carmen, School Without Walls
The School Without Walls is a school for healers to awaken to their soul self of the ALL. The School Without Walls provides a space for healers to release the busy mind of the Self and to hear their soul of heart so they can be in their fullness of themselves.

The School Without Walls focuses on the individuality and uniqueness of the One Self. The School Without Walls is a place that nurtures Soul Self and reminds of the Soul Self. The School Without Walls is open to all.

The School Without Walls offers several workshops, trainings, and retreats for those seeking truth and reverence in who they are. The School Without Walls also offers individual guidance through the Curandera de las Curandera’s(Healer of Healers), which is the vessel for individuals into their Soul Self.

Please check “Events”for upcoming retreats and workshops. Retreats and workshops are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Hawaii.

To listen to an interview with Hip Hop Movement, click onto this link:hip hop
Hip Hop Movement of UC Merced (HHM)
HHM is a group designed to promote awareness of hip hop in society by preserving the positive, artistic roots and tradition of the culture. They do this by performing what they call the four branches of hip-hop — dance, graffiti, DJ, and spoken word.
Hip Hop Movement Mission statement:

To preserve traditional hip hop culture and promote awareness of the art within the campus and community of Merced.

We are a student-led organization of expressionist representing the four elements of hip hop:

Graffiti, DJ, MC, and Dance.

Learn. Educate. Appreciate. Express. Life.

To listen to information about the Merced Art Hop, click onto the link:art hop
The Fall version of the Merced Art Hop will be presented on Saturday, October 15, 2011 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., in shops and spaces all along Main Street in downtown Merced. Come and see local artists inside your favorite stores, and listen to live music along the sidewalks.
Merced Art Hop was founded by Kevin Hammon and Kimberly Zamora as an opportunity for artist to show their work and for downtown business to to market one-on-one with customers.

August 2, 2011

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, July 9, 2011, 8 PM, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Arts in the Valley, Saturday, July 9th program
To listen to the show, click onto the link:ARTSINVAL070911-1

Host Kim McMillon interviews David Hosley, the interim Vice Chancellor for University Relations at UC Merced, and Dan DeSantis, the CEO of the Fresno Regional Foundation.

Arts in the Valley will look at how both UC Merced, and the Fresno Regional Foundation support Merced County, and what both organizations see as their future involvement with local nonprofits, and the community.

David Hosley oversees communications, government and community relations as well as development at UC Merced. Prior to joining the administration last year, he was president of the Great Valley Center, a regional planning organization based in Modesto. He spent the bulk of his career in broadcasting, most recently as president of KVIE Public Television in Sacramento.

Established in 1966, Fresno Regional Foundation is a nonprofit community foundation serving California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Fresno Regional Foundation is led by a board of directors and CEO, Dan DeSantis, to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of life in the local community through philanthropy.

Kimberly Zamora discusses the July 16th Art Hop. The Merced Art Hop offers the public the opportunity to meet local artists, visit downtown stores, have a night of shopping, and networking. The Next Art Hop is October 15, 2011 5-9pm, registration deadline is 30 days before the Art Hop. Artists in order to participate you have to upload images of your artwork, if you don’t have your images uploaded you can not participate.

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To learn more about Arts in the Valley, contact Kim McMillon at

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