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January 29, 2012

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, January 28 (8 PM), and Sunday, January 29 (9 AM), 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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On Saturday, January 28, and Sunday, January 29th, on Arts in the Valley host Kim McMillon will interview acclaimed documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, and Dr. Erika Enos, who has a naturopathic medicine practice in Merced, CA, and Oregon.  Dr. Enos will discuss a winter cleanse program that she has developed, particularly for the Merced community, and Velcrow Ripper will speak about his ground breaking movie, Occupy Love.

To listen to the interview with documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, click onto the link:velcrow ripper

Velcrow Ripper is a lot like his movies — friendly, hopeful, full of electrifying ideas. He is an award-winning filmmaker with dozens of films and videos under his belt, including Scared Sacred, named one of Canada’s Top 10 movies of 2004, and winner of the 2005 Genie (Canadian Academy Award) for best feature documentary. Ripper’s newest movie, Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action, has been wowing audiences around the world with its investigation of how we are connected to each other and to this planet.  This award winning film’s message of hope and change is delivered via magnificent visuals.      -Liz Braun, Toronto Sun

Ripper has been filming at Occupy Wall Street  since day one.  He has discovered a revolution rooted in compassion,  direct democracy, and shared power, as opposed to the “power over” model of the current western world view.  The new story is one of Inter-dependence, and a shared experience our collective vulnerability in the face of heartless political and economic structures. The crisis has awakened our love of others and our love of the planet.  Love is the movement.

In addition to covering the Occupy movement in NYC, Ripper has been on an exciting global journey, tracing the roots of the European Summer through  the Indignado’s of Spain, the  Arab spring during the second wave of the Egyptian Revolution,  the global Occupy Movement at  Occupy London, England, as well as the historical General Strike at Occupy Oakland,  and Occupy Canada.

Woven throughout the moving, action oriented backbone of the story, will be a deep  exploration of the heart of the movement, the meaning of  love, and concrete examples of just what “another world” could look like, featuring some of world’s key visionaries on alternative systems of economics, sustainability, and empathy.

Occupy Love will be a moving, transformative, heartfelt film, featuring Ripper’s signature stunning visuals and theatrical soundscapes.  It will be a powerful, transformative and cinematic experience that will leave audiences inspired.

The film will feature an incredible cast of visionaries, both  well known, and the everyday heroes who are emerging in this fledgling movement.  Featuring: Malik Rhassan from Occupy the Hood, visionary Naomi Klein, sacred economist Charles Eisenstein, “Horizontal Power” author and early Occupy organizer Marina Sitrin, native elder and activist Tom Goldtooth, climate activist Bill McKibben,  Occupy activist and author Rebecca Solnit, Egyptian revolutionary Asmaa Mahfouz, permaculturist Penny Livingston Stark, founder of “Transition Town” movement Rob Hopkins, author “Empathic Civilization” Jeremy Rifkin, and more.

Join Occupy Love on facebook at Occupy Love 

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT: Occupy Love is the movie I have been waiting to make, all my life.  Today’s global awakening is what my earlier films have been anticipating and fostering – a current of potential that was pulsing  and rumbling, just below the surface. Suddenly, from the Arab Spring to the European Summer to the global Occupy Movement, the volcano has erupted.  As the  popular #Occupy sign reads, “The Beginning is Here.”  We have captured the material to create one of the hottest documentary projects of the year, a film, and accompanying inter-media project, that will act as both a reflection and a catalyst to the “heart of the times.”

To listen to Dr. Erika Enos discuss naturopathic medicine, click onto the link:natural healer

Dr. Erika Enos’ Renewal Cleanse is designed to NOURISH YOU and provide a healthy start for 2012!  One round has already taken place.  If you are interested in participating in a second round of the Renewal Cleanse this winter or future seasonal cleanses hosted by Dr. Enos, please go to her website,   The cleanse will take place in Merced, California.  Spread the word to you Central Valley friends!

As a practitioner who focuses on the concepts of biotherapeutic drainage, Dr. Enos believes that we should be cultivating daily habits that aid our body’s ability to eliminate and detoxify. These habits are something she shares with all of her patients. In addition to these regular routines, there are certain times of year that a little extra cleansing or renewing can be helpful for many people. January, after the holiday months focused on celebrating and indulgence, is one of them. Digestive systems have been over worked by big holiday meals. Often there is weight gain. Along with the celebration, holidays are often stressful and as a result, nervous systems suffer.  The Winter Renewal Cleanse will be an opportunity for you to reset or establish whole body balance and to set healthy intentions for 2012.  Cleansing is also helpful to relieve symptoms of many chronic diseases.

Healing Roots Medicine offers holistic health care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Our approach to medicine and healing is appropriate for an unlimited range of illnesses, from the common cold to longstanding chronic disease. Rather than merely focusing on and addressing symptoms, we seek to understand and correct the imbalance that is causing them. It is this approach that makes the medicine practiced at Healing Roots both curative and preventive.  Please explore our website or contact us directly to learn more about our practitioners and approach.

Dr. Erika Enos graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine, the oldest accredited naturopathic college in the United States. After graduation she completed a residency with NCNM. The full-time residency included working in NCNM’s diverse clinics as well as rotations with specialists and experts in the community.

Currently, Dr. Enos is in Merced 2-3 days each month.  Her office is located in the Holistic Xchange.  Please feel free to schedule appointments through the Holistic Xchange at (209)726-9762, or call Dr. Enos directly at (209) 233.0111.

Here’s one of the great recipe’s on Dr. Enos’ website:

Bieler’s Broth:


2 medium zucchini

2 stalks celery

1 cup green beans

1 clove garlic

I handful parsley

Instructions: Rough chop zucchini, celery and green beans. Place in a medium sauce pan and cover with 2 -3 cups water, depending on desired thickness. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for about 10 minutes or until vegetables are soft. Cool slightly. Place in blender, add parsley and garlic. Puree with caution until smooth. Makes several cups.

This simple broth is wonderful as a food staple during colds. It is also packed with nutrients that help with detoxification and healing of the adrenal glands.

Optional Ingredients: Organic butter or coconut oil Miso paste or sea salt or Braggs Liquid Aminos Onions Kale Carrots Fresh or dried herbs: basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano Any vegetable of your liking.

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