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April 22, 2012

Arts in the Valley, Saturday, April 21, (8 PM) and April 22, 2012, 1480 KYOS AM, Merced, CA

by arthouseflower

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Tune into Arts in the Valley on Saturday, April 21st at 8 pm, and Sunday, April 22nd at 2 pm to hear host Kim McMillon will interview photojournalist Zach Roberts regarding Occupy Wall Street, and discuss healing with Seraphim Angels with Energy Healer, Alex Brandin.

To listen to Zach D. Roberts, click onto the link:occupy-1

Zach D. Roberts is a photo/video journalist who’s work has been seen in the Observer, The Guardian Online,, The Minnesota Independent and many more.

For the past 5 years he’s been working as a researcher/producer for Greg Palast he produced several DVD’s and news pieces for BBC Newsnight. Zach edited Palast and RFK Jr’s Steal Back Your Vote -which had nearly 100,000 downloads and print copies distributed throughout the country.

Zach has been detained in New Orleans by Exxon Mobil security, threatened with arrest over 3 dozen times and was finally arrested during the #D17 OWS Protests.

In 2010 he met Sarah Palin while working on his soon to be released first feature length documentary ‘The Rogue Candidate: Sarah Palin’s Real Alaska.’ While in Alaska he broke several stories on muckraking site

Currently he works regularly as a video producer for Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny’s CitizenRadio, writes for and is the NY Editor of

To listen to healer Alex Brandin, click onto this link:seraphin healer
Energy Healer, Alex Brandin will discuss Seraphim Healing, an ancient spiritual system which allows healers, and those interested in healing to access 11 cosmic energies that enhance your well-being and provide a unique evolutionary path towards Self-Realization. Beginners to experienced light workers may use this system to activate their own self-healing powers, or to accelerate their spiritual evolution, or energetically support others. Those utilizing this method have the ability to activate automatic programs “in the background,” while doing something else at the same time.
If you would like to meet Alex, and learn more about this method of healing, then join him at San Francisco’s New Living EXPO on Saturday, April 28th at 12:30 pm for his free introductory lecture.  For those interested in learning more about this exciting method of healing, Alex will be giving a free introductory Webinar on Tuesday, May 1st at 7 PM, PST.  This 60 minute introductory event will help you recharge your batteries as you experience a 15-minute group healing session, and find out the benefits of this ancient spiritual system.
 First used by Atlantean Priests, and rediscovered again by Ruth Rendely over 15 years ago, this method for furthering one’s self-unfolding has found many enthusiastic practitioners in America, Asia, Australia and in Europe.
For more information about Alex Brandin, and Seraphim healing, please, or email Alex at
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